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Problem #1: “My windows are filthy, but I just don’t have the time or energy  to get them cleaned!”– Shannon, Lexington SC

Solution:  You are busy, right?  And even if you make the time, do you really want to waste your weekend on an annoying task like window cleaning?  Here’s your simple solution: call ColumbiaClean and let us handle it for you!  We’ll put a package together that fits your schedule, your needs and your budget.

Problem #2: “I would love to get my windows cleaned, but I have some really high ones.  Even if I had a ladder, I’m not sure I would feel safe going up there to do my own window cleaning!”– Steve, Irmo SC

Solution:  Window cleaning can be a difficult, risky job.  Your safety is important, so don’t take on a task you aren’t comfortable doing.  You can trust our experienced team to reach all of your windows in a safe, effective manner.

Problem #3: “I try to do my own window washing, but I can’t seem to get them clean.  I always leave streaks, no matter what I do!”– Leslie, Chapin SC

Solution:  It’s frustrating when you can’t achieve the results you hoped for.  That’s where a skilled professional can save the day.  ColumbiaClean technicians have the “magic touch” and will make your windows look like new.  No streaks, no drips, just shine!

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