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Low pressure, no damage, and amazing results!

Beware of high pressure cleaning!

Improper use of a pressure washer can cause permanent damage.

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Why Choose ColumbiaClean for your house washing needs?

Low pressure, gentle touch.

Your home's siding is delicate. It takes a soft touch to clean it properly. You'll appreciate the special care we take with all exterior surfaces. Think "lawn sprinkler" or "garden hose"- that's how gentle the ColumbiaClean process is.

Long Lasting Results

Mold, algae and mildew are stubborn. Water and pressure may remove the stains, but the root of the problem will still be there. That's why you need a trusted pro. ColumbiaClean uses a custom blend of detergents that clean deep for long lasting results you won't believe.

Soft touch means NO damage!

High pressure can permanently damage your siding. The improper use of a pressure washer is a potential disaster waiting to happen! You need an expert with the proper equipment and techniques to get the results you need. ColumbiaClean is the partner you are looking for.